Jonathan Schwartz wins Richmond Film Festival Corporate Director Award

February 17, 2012

Based on a True Story

The 2012 Richmond International Film Festival (previously known as the Mix Short Film Festival) Corporate Award goes to HLYP’s Jonathan Schwartz. The film – STRIVE – premiered today at the festival, and can be seen on HLYP’s website here.

This category was a bonus category that all entrants are eligible to enter for free as long as they’ve entered a project in at least one other main category.

The festival’s corporate partner will give a call to action for a specific short film project and writers will have two weeks to submit their treatment and script. After the corporate sponsor reviews all submitted material, a winning script will be selected.

The winning script will then be submitted to all entrants who would like to compete for crafting the script’s direction. These directors will have two weeks to complete their vision & storyboard for the script. The corporate sponsor will then select the director with the winning concept.

The winners are each awarded a cash prize and a copy of Sony Vegas Pro editing software. Normally, the festival would then co-direct the film with winner and show it at the film festival, but due to Jonathan’s experience and vision – he was given sole direction and the commission to shoot the film.

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