Crew Call for 48 Hour Film Festival

July 9, 2014

We are looking for a crew for a LA based team entered in the 48 Hour Film Festival that is comfortable with improvisation as a key way to tell a story.

The concept is that from 7:00pm on August 1st until 7:00pm August 3rd, we must write, shoot, and edit a 4-7 minute short film. At the kick-off event, a random genre will be chosen, and we will be assigned a character and a line of dialogue.

Genres have included everything from Western to Musical.

Looking for people who are high energy and want to embrace the pressure of getting the film done in such a short time – while dedicated to excellent technical execution.

Key creative personnel are industry professionals and will guide the story over the weekend based on the genre we are given combined with our writer / cast input, using structured improvisation to help guide the story thus avoiding having to write a full script.

While the position is unpaid – the roles may lead to future work with the creative team as a feature film is planned for the fall. Crew should be dynamic and willing to work on the fly.

We will most likely start shooting late on Friday August 1st and be done by the end of Saturday August 2nd, and then post it on Sunday August 3rd.

The production and creative team will meet a couple of times before production starts.

Film WILL be screened at LA LIVE! for the public, festival participants and local media / agents, Film Festival’s website, HLYP‘s website/social media outlets, and creative team’s personal websites.

Email Resumes and link to online reel (if applicable) to

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