Jonathan Schwartz, Director/Editor

Talking the Actors thru the script

Jonathan was born in New York and grew up in Central New Jersey. He comes from a theatrical family, his sister is an actress, father a musician, and mother a theatre director. Jonathan started making movies in his basement at the age of 11 – while acting in community theatre; but quickly realized that his passion lay behind the camera and not in front. He continued to act however until the age of 18 and it was through these experiences that he developed his creative style.

After High School, he moved to California to attend film school at the University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts. Since graduating, Jonathan has had a dual career that spans the corporate realm as well as the creative space. He has directed short films for various competitive film festivals and corporate promotional/marketing videos for major businesses like Celebrity Cruises and academic institutions such as the University of Southern California. He also edits short films, electronic press kits, and internet vignettes as a freelancer for production companies in the Los Angeles area.

Richmond International Film Festival Corporate Director Award